Prepare for Your Grand Opening

Call us to set up your new store

No matter your vision for your new store, Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. will bring it to life. With careful planning and detailed execution, we’re able to exceed your expectations. You can trust us to handle every aspect of your new store setup, including:

  • Point-of-purchase placement
  • Fixture assembly
  • Low voltage fixture installation
  • Display setup
  • Signage setup
  • Shelving setup
  • Product placement
  • Graphic placement

We also have the skills to tackle unforeseen issues that come up during the planning and installation process. We serve customers all over the country, so reach out to Pragmatic Solutions today to set up your new store.

Redo your store with Pragmatic Solutions

Is your store ready for a remodel? Update and modernize your store’s displays with Pragmatic Solutions. We’ll follow your plan for the remodel and offer suggestions on how to upgrade your displays, shelving units and graphics. Call 810-515-2562 today to schedule your store remodel.